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tv   Newsline  PBS  January 15, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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jobs were gone. it also tasted good. you nm moving wingman who has. the us welcome to nhk world is lined and you know tommy until killers here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am japanese officials are investigating a collision between a maritime self defense force ship and a fishing boat. two people have been seriously injured japanese leaders ever proof of electric power company's business plan which includes restarting nuclear reactors to boost revenue. ambiguity
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is calling on countries around the world to help raise billions of dollars in aid for those suffering because of the syrian civil war. two people are in critical condition after a japan maritime self defense force vessel collided with a sports fishing boat the collision off the coast of western japan through four people from the fishing boat into the ocean. officials from the japanese coast guard are launching an investigation into the incident. nhk world for me to marry has more the accents that place brings the morning of the tasman island the fishing boat capsized and its captain and three customized with owner or purple. self defense forces personnel risk it all for. two of them were safe the captain and one of the customers were taken to hospital. the cause of the accent is still unclear the self defense force ships
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able to use and is an eight thousand nine hundred tonne truss book vessel called the old son. at the time of the accents. it was heading to court for scheduled maintenance. as such is the money on old enough he considers his congo and says and said officials from because god is welcomed as an independent investigation. i think i was. it is truly regrettable that people were injured in the incident. we look forward to the results of the coast guard's investigation to learn more details. is it that night and so defence force has been involved in similar incidents in the pot. in nineteen eighty eight. the submarine collided with the sports fishing boat off the coast of central japan killing thirty people. the court found that the severance captain was responsible for the accident in two thousand and eight
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attempt to destroy your collided with a fishing boat off the coast of the prefect of the applicant. two people on the fishing boat caught. i call it become every bit the crew of the destroyed yet defence minister says his department will fully cooperate with any investigation. according to officials with tabasco scott the conditions were fine at the time it back since. we tend to ways to keep his ability. till now looking seeing exactly how the two vessels liked it. i mean to be in a stairwell sergeant japanese leaders have approved a ten year business plan for the operator of the damage nuclear plants and squish him up. executives at tokyo electric power company are facing a costly de commissioning process at the facility. and there are counting on restarting reactors elsewhere to boost revenue. industry ministers
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pushing the total to get physically told to go president. no need to go said the business plans approval the government has controlled the company since two thousand and twelve temple officials want to reserve reactors at their house too as i think i do a plant in niigata prefecture as early as june on july they also plan to rebuild a teaching thermal power plants and find cheaper imported fuel for thermal power generation. they're forecasting an annual profit of more than nine hundred fifty million dollars that would allow them to gradually lower electricity rates tesco is looking at creating a new division to deal with the growing problem of contaminated water at the richmond on each cheek and to dispense the reactors he has set aside nineteen billion dollars for the work and he's going to take ocean to the people and show them that the company is changing and it will keep going change he should do this through your words and action
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the government has increased the limit of its interest free loans to tesco to eighty six billion dollars the utilities using the money for de contamination efforts and to compensate the evacuees. company officials plan to streamline management and close local offices to cut costs by forty six million dollars. they want to make eco competitive tesco executives need to obtain consent from municipalities if they want to fire up their nuclear reactors. the governor of niigata prefecture criticize the utilities business plan gleeson me that says it seems like the plan will be impossible to implement hasn't learned from the focus of an accident it's not qualified to operate nuclear plants. these anita says he plans to meet the president and co on thursday to urge him to fully analyze what happened to grisham and itt. an affiliate of tesco has applied for safety screening of an
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intermediate nuclear waste dump ahead of its planned start of operations next year their recyclables fuel storage company has asked that of the regulation authority for official screening at its facility the company is eighty percent owned by to go. the firm has been building the facility in the city of north sea in the northern prefecture of our money. the fastest or total of three thousand tonnes of nuclear waste from tesco and other operators for up to fifty years. company officials say the facility proved safe when tested to new standards inspection of all earth tremors thirty percent stronger than the initial simulations the company hopes to t year. the duties. we'veroactivg far ahead. we want the nuclear regulator to conclude these facilities safe. one drawback is the facility's size its three thousand tonne capacity accounts for only a small portion of the seventeen
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thousand tonnes of waste that's being kept at nuclear plants across japan and many locations storage pools holding spent fuel rods are nearly full. the accumulation of waste is being blamed on the trouble plagued spent fuel reprocessing plant and will cost the village also in our bodies. there seems to be no prospect of the planet ever functioning properly questions remain over what to do with japan's nuclear waste. there are no plans at present to build more storage facilities the day. for people we are. due to some new ones. we are convinced the preview. people start to the stars are so strong. they stopped building. these are
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the pacific's get laid. it could afford. it's stupid to real. don't you. the head of the united nations is trying to raise billions of dollars to help those suffering because of the syrian civil war secretary general on the moon is hosting a humanitarian donor conference in kuwait. representatives from sixty countries are attending the meeting. i mentioned a report on famine in serie a in his opening remarks he says the whole world lisa tackle the crisis not just nations in the middle east. i want to raise six and a half billion dollars in aid this year that's the largest annual amount the un has tried to collect for a single humanitarian crisis. kuwait has promised five hundred million dollars the united states has pledged three hundred eighty million. un officials will follow up this conference by hosting international peace talks next week in switzerland they're trying to bring delegates from the syrian government and opposition forces to the negotiating table. people in egypt and on to the polls for a second and final day. they're voting in
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a referendum on a new constitution. the ballot continues amid turmoil clashes between security forces and protesters are on going across the country health ministry officials say the violence in some words of the capital cairo and the southern city of seoul fog has left at least nine people dead and forty two wounded. is the most part it's about the present moment forcing the muslim brotherhood had called for nationwide demonstrations to protest the vote. local media said an explosion occurred near a polling station outside cairo. those despite tight security after class the previous day the authorities have deployed more than two hundred thousand security troops. members of the military backed interim government rest of the revised constitution after suspending the one passed under more see the new charter increases the political influence of the military which overthrew morrissey last july. the two day referendum closes on
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wednesday night. it is likely to result in the constitution's approval as many people are. many people who oppose that have boycotted the vote. some workers in japan could have a bit more money to spend for the first time in six years leaders of the japan business federation or a down day are encouraging company managers to increase base wages the battle is with the federation state government efforts to improve the economy have changed the environment for business they're suggesting managers live the base wage and agreed to other increases such as bonuses. it was nice to shoot you. now we encourage firms with a strong performance not only focus on raising capital investment in but also to increase jobs and
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wages many japanese workers have seen little or no raise for more than ten years analysts said to nineteen ninety five as a base here to show how wages in nominal terms have changed over the years. nominal wages in the united states and across the eurozone continue to rise it's a different story in japan nominal wages have dropped managers don't want to add to their labor costs so they refuse to raise base wages. when asked why they don't pay workers more they've pointed to the yen's appreciation and the state of deflation. the decision from the business federation suggests that could change i really spoke to an h carroll dies gaza mom who has been following the issue. i am does it so why have business leaders decided on a change of course. well all was the last week the wind to see him more and more companies
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that cole was in college in the nest. bonnie says the committee finds out what he tries to focus a full operating profits of four and somehow want to see as the find feature incredible feats i did not name i made as to how the receiving corps with caution. sen mccain showed the increase in profits. that's to say they want it to me in the best of times back into the company just as it could end up fourth to raise we choose to make even the walker as pleasant as they could do tuesday's hearing aid is a commercial farms including di would seek to tease my date and the league's how worn out and announced it had to race this week sees. it'll be full the stack of negotiations they say they want to hold on to good walker us by sharing the profits. dave also come out of place your phone to comment. i mean is todd a corner business
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leaders to his office gossip a variety. and amid the new charlie crist of asking for ways to increase his. at his cost indices all meetings whiz man as politics business and elation. i know it was in active labor unions. he believes when sis need to rethink readers does ride called sunshine of the pool to come clean on to inflation as he mentioned three companies that actually raise wages are ready what are some of the optics goals for other companies. serious hallows collins is far it's not easy at each company to go to the ways he's busily really is. and it's not clear how many companies include our way to pay the war has more now he's in different industries with different dynamics. take for example steelmaker is an astute users didn't seem to declan pm was out of the causal role months areas. so save enough to call me the stories in braces
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sitcom some parts i was small in india was high the parts face another challenge. in and hope to galilee into an oval is a consumption tax will find that a precedent and don't list which is a co op consumers will most likely buy list. the kenyan available to fill up. i think most japanese firms in the low end of the increasing their bonuses and not freezing wages and good company managers just aren't confident that corporate profits will continue to grow my niece is in the labor leader as luke inman negotiate in good so my ex and column entitled the shares will be watching to see how the outcome of fixed the a class called for us. do you. and that was in hk world's dice k on some up condom order is set to boost production in indonesia of
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the japanese automaker has completed the construction of a second plant in the country and its local production capacity will more than double i i i. the ceremony was held on wednesday to mark the plant's opening the new factory was built in industry complex to the titanic cost of more than two hundred fifty million dollars workers will assemble mall type purpose vehicle fuel is designed for the end of each market. hyundai executive save the factory is the four staff to achieve annual sales of three hundred thousand in two thousand and sixteen in the country other japanese automakers are also seeing a bright outlook and into the ship due to a growing number of middle income earners. toyota completed its second plant last year in the country. the sound blaster raise its local output capacity to two hundred fifty thousand units a year in two thousand and sixteen. in thailand protesters are continuing their efforts to force prime
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minister. the election a lot to delay the general election scheduled for next month. but she says the poll will go ahead as planned. i chatted excellent in bangkok as the story. with the current wave of thai anti government protests in a sad day prime minister you not to know what remains unmoved by equals to spend next month's generate election protests is on the simple shot down by our campaign occupying seven key intersections in the busy business district and the heart of bangkok be on monday that he leaves office in sydney. crime in itself it to me that the opposition on wednesday to discuss any election commission proposal to insinuate that a high in action. i'll let the opposition is up for a curtain pole and tidy and declined to join the discussion in iraq said the election will be held on february second action films
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it is i stopped what he lacks in importance to the mall and the constitution. i expressed his opposition. come on over to a hyena. i don't know who was at the meetings today but the people don't agree with holding an election under the same rules in the same old. such an election would allow a vote buying. but drinking. it would be in your mind on that tessa surrounded several government offices in a bid to prevent civil seven step into class. he acted governance side but still it's largely on the country's middle class roots of course is insisting that each and i tend to be spent until fiscal reforms and it's not the type of tea is reported to have it in the latest polling day with especially strong
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support. he will be as the shot downtown. one useful since it on monday. however to say at least three people were injured in shooting at about its identity on wednesday morning. i'll sweat no one was at the station house in the pond. se winds ten to one down the back of the doctors opposition party many suspects have been identified. the government of the philippines a seeking to recover three pull it easy for me to imelda marcos tried to sound. i think he'd wet by french impressionist claude monet. one turns up the tree to the powerful wife the former philippine president ferdinand marcos was convicted monday for scheming to sell the i plex new york court sentenced until now but this sets you up to six years in prison the paintings went missing around nineteen eighty six when the potato was coaxed it this is successfully sold a piece from the knees or
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tendency of these two went on and on every profession to me and tonics in twenty ten the remaining wax include another man in pieces by alfred says deanna out the top eight. each is believed to be west central midlands on this and other markets was nearing and i think my style and it kinda neat in assets including a notorious the extensive collection of design issues during her husband's two decades in power. from nineteen sixty five the philippine presidential commission on good government has been working to their kids and be calm about ten billion dollars worth of which is funded by democracies and crannies governance is all the pieces in the present case when purchased with the state's money and the full unknown to the filipino people the presidential commission says it will file a civil lawsuit to monitor it and all the three unsold paintings this is lily is rp. that wraps up our planet and protect the attacks on one in
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bangkok. you do. still struggling with he told its citizens to whom and to increasing the opponents of entropy. she will come. don't open til tuesday. from boeing the world needs. judges for the token just record have rolled again the metropolitan government in a case of violation of privacy. seventeen plaintiffs filed suit after their personal details were leaked from police documents the court order the government to pay compensation of around eight hundred and sixty thousand dollars. one hundred and fourteen documents related to international terrorism were leaked online in two thousand and ten. they contain names addresses and photographs of people who provided information to police investigators. those affected were both japanese and non
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japanese one person reportedly gave police details about a former al qaeda militants hiding in japan. about two months after the leak was discovered tokyo police said the documents were mostly there for most probably there's a promise to protect and support people whose identities were exposed the presiding judge said on wednesday that intelligence gathering was necessary in the effort to prevent terrorism but he said the intelligence was probably leaked by metropolitan police department personnel. and he held the superintendent general responsible for failing to properly manage it south korean officials to monitor numbers say visitors from japan have lost their number one ranking to train a chinese travelers overtook their japanese counterparts last year for the first time in more than four decades the south korean justice ministry says about ten point seven million foreigners visited the country in two thousand and thirteen. that's
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a five and a half percent increase from the previous year. more than three point nine million of the visitors were from china up about forty four percent the number of travelers from japan declined by about twenty two percent in just over two point seven million. japan has traditionally been the main source of tourists to south korea since overtaking the united states in nineteen seventy one ministry officials attribute the decline to a stronger a south korean currency the won rose against the yen last year by nearly twenty percent they also blamed soured relations with japan and on these over north korean military provocations last year. there's flooding in the philippines our meteorologist roberts pena has been following the story proper. plus i'll start off by talking about what is going on here in much of his size and mindanao today and we have a look in every two hours for the past two weeks now believe it or not. all to do the same low pressure system it's just been lingering in place came in from these on me last week
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and since then has dropped out about seventy hundred millimeters for some of you not hear well this has resulted in over twenty deaths at this time. numerous reports of flooding also landslides had damaged hundreds of homes and on fortunately the scenario over the next several days is not improving our low price theory now just four seats the philippines actually a tropical depression will slowly start to drift after course the west that combined with some more easter being pulled in with the north east monsoon add insult to treat some gale force winds out here's the waves of top five years. i very well possible on the eastern sea ports. you can add up to about an additional two hundred to two and fifty millimeters of rainfall. the next to me two hours so flooding and landslides still a significant risk. through the coming days this week tina wants to stop oppression. meanwhile father on towards the north of japan were still talking about that's the effect snow crawl so kind off their porch portions of northern couple to suffer the most part things are much drier especially after we had a
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storm system pushed through that total a saline in tokyo well partly cloudy skies going feeding on thursday night temperature of nine degrees so left for beijing also some partly cloudy skies for the most part actually china staying home rather dry here for the rest of your work week as he was going on in the america i swear. well believe it or not we actually have another blizzard were talking about here. it's coming in from central canada and this low pressure area reiki are really talking about some one hundred km from queens possibly coming out of this not to mention the snow that come on together that's what we get those on blizzard warnings and reduce visibility of dangerous wind chills possibly in parts of the coldest lower courts wisconsin as this cold front sweeps through and was off their course he said just bring in some rough conditions our highly recommend if you don't need to be on a balcony under one of these warnings to stay and wait for this to pass by mr the us still thinks remain pretty on dry out here. no that's not all good news though. los angeles significantly dry especially
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the snowpack is towards the east of the cities here and the sierra nevada the sun the lowest it has been in the years combined with very dry weather so id the ground is dry not to mention we had a stint in the wind starting to kick up your so cost of the hundred kilometers per hour for coffee not very critical fire weather changes handle the fire bans are in place at this time and definitely anything that does start any fires that you start to get spread one rather quickly. ah soon to talk about these gusty winds and parts of sydney a bill extending off course north so this is the scenario but still developing. who wanna continue to keep an eye on it the next several days meanwhile western europe while we have a low pressure area moving through the screen some nasty weather across the british awesome rain showers snow fall on the parts of germany as a slow death continue to push up there towards the self. i just watch out for some slipper on snow advisories currently in place there for you and that severe weather downpours the balkans and five it was an orphan look at some snow will be key at the aba snow showers on
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the lehigh the zero here on your thirst a bass look here well whether his recent forecasts. i knew. and. it has. i know. healy years
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visitors to a buddhist temple japan's ancient city of now to have been taking part in a tea ceremony it was the difference drinking from giant cups the site id temple serves tea from the oversized drinking vessels on just a few occasions each year the first time is on january fifty a month makes tea in the future cups. using a long bamboo whisk after explaining the ceremonies history the custom is believed to have started nearly eight hundred years ago with a monkey at the temple offering tea to visitors to wish for their house tea leaves were of valuable commodity at the time. the largest cuts are forty centimeters in diameter and weigh five kilograms each the day. very happy. it was a great experience. some participants needed help in holding that
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while the drill. haha know and as beans lines of this tarantino tummy. the us. ha
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well still get great chance he's in the sand. from the latest and business leaders acknowledged explore the whole history and beauty of the corner of the word. it wasn't for him the europeans and airy. it needs to get close to the world with japan
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on top. the row. rule. new new new. we miss this interview he sees us. it's doing. louise's institute stoush a


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